Our Story

Snowdrop Winery began with a passion for grapes

Founder Paul Neyers was inspired to focus on local, Midwestern grapes. Creating exquisite wines from colder climate grapes proves to be a challenge, but Paul is committed to it. 

Snowdrop Winery wines are made from carefully selected quality varietals that grow in Southern Minnesota and surrounding states. This means that Snowdrop creates new and exciting styles of wine that are unique to Southern Minnesota.


The wine making process begins in the vineyards. Snowdrop is the next generation of Doppeleichen Vineyards, which was also founded by Snowdrop owner, Paul Neyers, and his family. The grapes have primarily come from an established vineyard with 25 year old vines.  Recently Paul added new vines on a site with excellent soil, sun exposure, and air quality. This combination of natural elements produces the freshest expression of the grapes.

New Ulm is the home of Snowdrop Winery. As New Ulm grows and changes, so too does the environment and culture that surrounds the vineyard. New Ulm continues to embrace its growing tourism economy, and the future is bright for this new winery. Located in the downtown area on the corner of 3rd Street North and Minnesota Street, Snowdrop Winery is in a prime location in a promising town. Snowdrop Winery is committed to contributing to and enhancing the local and state wine industry. 

The inspiration for Snowdrop is a beautiful white flower that blooms early in the year, when winter is abating and spring is near. It is at this time when the frost on the grape vines begins to melt, with the promise of summer and fresh growing grapes.